Employment Relations Update Seminars 2019

What the new legislation means for your business.

11:00 to 10:00 14 March


Both the Employment Relations Bill and Family Violence Bill have passed through Parliament and been enacted.  The Triangular Relationships Bill is hot on their heels. 

Some changes are in effect now, some come into play on 1 April and the rest on 6 May. This is your opportunity to understand how they will affect your business.  This seminar will cover: 

  • 90 day trial periods vs probationary periods
  • Restoration of statutory meal breaks
  • Reinstatement of dismissed workers
  • Removal of exclusion to vulnerable workers in small businesses
  • Rights of union to enter a workplace
  • Requirement to conclude collective bargaining
  • 30 day rule require collective agreement to cover all new employees
  • Paid time off for union delegates
  • Industry Awards
  • Labour hire staff
  • Family violence leave

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