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04 December, 2012

Sarah Wilson is passionate about recruitment. In her role at Rob Law MaxRecruitment (RLM) she uses her past experience in the print industry to find the best candidate for a wide range of roles from management to sales, production and the trades.

RLM is a privately owned recruitment company that specialises in technical recruitment for various industries. Each consultant has a background in their chosen field, including Sarah, who worked in sales and account management for eight years in the print and packaging industries.

“I have been in the print industry for 18 years (ten of those in recruitment) and I have a genuine passion for it. I enjoy the people and the technology,” she says.

“I know the industry inside and out and have first-hand experience working in it.”

Sarah regularly attends PrintNZ and other industry functions to build and maintain networks in the industry.

“To stay in touch with developments in the industry I am constantly networking at various print related functions around the country. This year I attended the PrintNZ Conference and the SWUG conference, both of which I found incredibly valuable,” she says.

So why should a business use a recruitment agency when they could advertise a role themselves?

Sarah says ultimately because it enables you to focus on your job and business.

“By using my services it allows you to focus on your role, be it as managing director, operations or sales manager. Recruiting is time consuming and your time is valuable,” she says.

“By allowing a professional recruiter to screen, interview and reference check, all you need to do is interview and select the best candidate, allowing you to focus on your job and business.”

Sarah comments on the significant changes that have taken place in the industry, especially in recent years with the global recession and rapidly changing technology.

“The ones who will survive and succeed over the next five years will have a niche market and ensure they have the best team behind them. You invest so much in the way of resources and energy into technology and equipment - why not invest in the people behind it?” she says.

As part of the recruitment process Sarah takes the time to get to know a business including its short and long term plans, workplace culture and any idiosyncrasies.

“I am still working with the same clients I started with 10 years ago, so I must be doing something right,” she laughs.

“My approach is to focus on finding the right person. If I am not 100% sure they are an ideal candidate I won’t put them forward.”

Sarah’s top tips for recruiting:

  • Follow your instinct (as well as following the process and reference checking)
  • Printing can be learned … a positive attitude and good work ethic can’t be!
  • Always use an experienced recruitment professional (had to be said)

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