2020 Pride In Print Winners Announced: Apprentice of the Year, Trainer of the Year, Training Company of the Year.

2020 Pride In Print Winners Announced
26 June, 2020


Vanessa Hooton, Tainui Press Design & Print, Matamata

Gaining an insight to the sector while at high school through a once-a-week placement at a local newspaper, Vanessa went from knowing next to nothing about print to knowing this was something she wanted to pursue as a career.
Vanessa is thrilled to have been acknowledged in this amazing industry as Print Apprentice of the Year.

Workplace Trainer of the Year

This award recognises the person that has made a significant contribution to the training programme in their workplace.

 Allen Masterson, Blue Star Collard, Auckland

Allen has been a champion of training for many years at a company that has long supported training.  He has a wealth of knowledge that he willingly shares and regularly identifies candidates for training and then mentors them through the programme.  He has had many successes with this, not the least being his latest protégé who was named employee of the year.


Training Company of the Year

This award goes to the company that has made an outstanding contribution to providing training opportunities to their employees and recognises the importance of training to the future of the industry.

Graphic Packaging International NZ Ltd, Auckland

Graphic Packaging carries out training across a broad range of topics and uses this as a focus for the future in improving quality, reducing accidents, and most importantly for succession planning. All staff have a training matrix which is reviewed annually and they are regularly looking for new opportunities to train.


Apprentice of the Year Sector Winners


Heidelberg Sheetfed Apprentice of the Year

Nurindin Pelenda, Ovato, Auckland
Workplace Trainer: Tony Reid

Nurindin emigrated to NZ from Yugoslavia in the late 1990's and turned his machine technician qualifications to various jobs before coming into the printing industry in the late 1990's and juggling two print assistant roles.

He feels humbled to have had the apprenticeship opportunity with Ovato, particularly as he is older than the average apprentice.  he was thrilled to gain the subsequesnt recognition of being named the top sheetfed apprentice.


BJ Ball Packaging Apprentice of the Year

Ryan Scott-Fellows, Hally Labels, Christchurch
Workplace Trainer: Nick Keats

Ryan entered the print industry five years ago as a print assistant and jumped at the opportunity to move into an apprenticeship. He has loved being able to take full advantage of the abundance of learning opportunities at Hally Labels and is particularly inspired by the array of visually stunning labels they produce.

He describes the awards recognition as a "massive and welcome suprise", particularly given current events throughout the world.


Print Finishers Association Binding & Finishing Apprentice of the Year

Parth Bhatt, McHargs, Christchurch
Workplace Trainer: Tim McHarg

Parth entered the print industry four years ago, initially in an odd-jobs capacity while completing his studies. He has since thrived within the hard-working team at McHargs. Parth is grateful to have received this year's award recognition and expresses appreciation for the personal inspiration provided by his seniors, colleagues, parents and fiancee. He is keen to keep on improving what he does to achieve even more in the industry.

Trust4Skills Reelfed Apprentice of the Year

Bonny Seymour, The Gisborne Herald
Workplace Trainer: Nick Scanlan

When entering the sector as a print apprentice in 2016, Bonny Seymour says he was attracted by the opportunity to both make a significant change in his working lifestyle while also better providing for his growing family. He regards gaining a trade certificate as a high honour.

The apprenticeship was no easy road for him but he left no stone unturned and hopes to go on and inspire other apprentices".


GAPF Digital Apprentice of the Year

Vanessa Hooton, Tainui Press Design & Print, Matamata
Workplace Trainer: Dale Ertel

Gaining an insight to the sector while at high school through a once-a-week typesetting placement at a local newspaper, Vanessa has enjoyed a rapid evolution in the five years since.  From knowing next to nothing about the print industry and graphic design to after just a few weeks knowing this was something she wanted to persue as a career with the chance to be creative and expand her knowledge.


Competenz Diploma of Print Management Student of the Year

Taryn Gannaway, Beacon Print, Whakatane
Workplace Trainer: Brian Cornes

Taryn started he career as an apprentice in the industry and recognised the value their training provided and wanted to continue on with that. The Diploma has helped hugely with her confidence in having a say in the workplace and knowing her voice will be heard. Taryn is using her learnings to implement a formal quality management focus for the business.