SALES TRAINING Level 3 Qualification

Sales Training
Pam Seymour 
11 August, 2020

SALES TRAINING Level 3 Qualification

Your business results rely upon the performance of your sales people. 
Having skilled sales people in your team will lead to:
• Improved business results
• Highly motivated and skilled sales staff
• Increased customer satisfaction
• High standards of professionalism in the industry

This is a 12 month training programme the next course commences 13 Oct 2020 and includes three workshops.

Contact  phone 09 265 2090

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The 2020/21 Sales Training Course are dated now:
Workshop 1: 13 Oct 2020
Workshop 2: 23 Feb 2021
Workshop 3: 22 June 2021
Please be in touch with Ruth or Pam for further information