Submission to Ministry of Education on the Review of Vocational Education 2019

Ruth Cobb 
02 April, 2019

Your Voice Is Critical

Proposed Changes to Print Industry Training
Please make a submission to the Ministry of Education on the Review of Vocational Education

Draft letter attached
Submissions close Friday 5 April

Please find attached a draft letter to send in to the Ministry of Education on the proposed changes to Vocational Education.  These would see all the current Industry Training Organisations such as Competenz abolished and the responsibility for arranging training moved to a central New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology. 
This has the potential to cause substantial disruption to training in our industry which could result in a downturn in the number of businesses willing to train and we need as many businesses as possible to write to the Minister to have their views heard. 
When substantial reform was undertaken 20 years ago and the ITOs were initially established, training numbers dropped to one third of what they were and it has taken a lengthy period of time to return them to where they currently are, and where they need to remain if we wish to avoid major skills shortages in coming years.
Attached is a draft letter for you to:

  1. Fill in the blanks marked by xxxxx.
  2. Add any further detail about your company if you wish to.
  3. I have highlighted the major areas of change that could be of concern. Please feel free to add any additional comments you think apply to your business.
  4. Delete the points that you do not want to comment on.
  5. If possible, give some real life examples from your business to support your case if you can
  6. If you have ideas for alternative suggestions then include those.

Click here to download the draft letter
Once you have completed our letter you can email it to