Our History

The year 2008 marked the 100-year anniversary of PrintNZ.

To commemorate this special occasion PrintNZ produced a centenary book entitled 'PrintNZ Ink In Our Veins: 1908-2008'.

The Federated Master Printers' Association of New Zealand was set up in 1908 as a collective power, which would use its voice to benefit the printing industry.

PrintNZ (as it is known today) remains as important now as it was at the outset.

Having this strong Association means that:

  • we are able to act collectively on issues that impact on the industry - we have a strong voice and it gets heard;
  • the industry is seen by government, employees, other industry sectors and the general public as a cohesive group of businesses;
  • we have been able to build a "community" within the industry - members can share information and ideas to their mutual benefit;
  • we can provide services to members that add real value and that would otherwise be difficult for individual businesses to provide themselves.

While our industry has changed greatly over the past 100 years, many of the issues remain the same.

PrintNZ is still lobbying hard to influence government policy, is constantly updating its training to ensure the industry is able to attract and retain appropriately skilled individuals, and is helping members develop strategies to thrive in the increasingly competitive environment.