• Printed In New Zealand

Encapsulating the renewed appreciation of the quality, deliverability and affordability of print in this country, PrintNZ has launched a new campaign called PRINTED IN NEW ZEALAND.

The campaign will encourage local printers to proudly feature the Printed In New Zealand logo on their work to both promote and celebrate the print industry to the domestic market, while also championing New Zealand's print exports.

A considerable volume of printed work has already come back to New Zealand during the Covid-19 pandemic, because of such factors as surety of supply and so on.  We need to make sure we keep it here.


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The logo will be available to PrintNZ members for a small one-off set up fee.  The logo will carry a member identity number so that it can be tracked back to the member and avoid unauthorised use. The logo is not only a chance for the printer to brand their work, but for their customer to illustrate they are using local producers.